Art school taught me that my biggest tool is myself.

Grazie Accademia di belle arti di Bologna

Thanks for giving me so much confidence in my profession. I learned to value all my skills, to be proud of my general education and to have the self-confidence to be whoever I want to be, because that’s the truth. We are all art and we should create ourselves over and over again.

5 years ago I never imagined being a design student because I was more into science, mathematics and logical thinking. But life guides us all always in the right direction. It’s always about those circumstances where you can grow the most. I found confidence and gratitude for being so generally educated. As a design and informatics student, I never felt belonging to one of them. More like being not good enough in both. And yes, there are people, who do it better, called specialists and that’s amazing. Because I am not and I don’t want to be. I have skills that specialists don’t have and as always, everyone is unique. So let’s honour what we do, let’s honour our skills and let us stop this comparing thinking. It’s one of my biggest gifts (and burdens) to have such a huge spectrum of skills and interests. And to not compare myself, but instead feeling love and gratitude.

I am beyond grateful for what life, art and design school taught me, especially in having a different view.

Now I am at the end of my semester at the fine arts academy and I am looking forward to focus on my computer science skills in the last semester of my bachelor.

So much exciting projects in the future I am looking forward.

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